I am learning to draw and paint better, and planning out a graphic novel. I want to create content that anyone can enjoy. This site will help me to learn and grow, put my name and work online, and showcase my portfolio.

I will continue to update my gallery and portfolio as new artwork is created, so please come back for updates!

Hello, my name is Elizabeth Corbiere, I am Christian artist in Canada. I draw cartoony illustrations and comics while using my favorite art supplies: pens, markers, and dark black ink. I also like to listen to music as I work.

In my spare time, I love to watch cartoons and movies, read comics, and spend time with my family and pets.

Currently I am taking cartooning courses from the Joe Kubert School of Cartooning (http://kubertschool.edu/) to keep improving my artwork, and completing a bachelor degree in Biblical Studies at Patriot Bible University (https://patriotuniversity.com.org/) as I work part-time. I am always interested in learning new things. I am also preparing a graphic novel as I establish myself as an artist.

In the past I have been awarded regional awards in art and writing in the annual Scholastic Art and Writing Awards (https://www.artandwriting.org/). I am being sponsored by Christian Homeschool Society (christianhomeschoolsociety.com) as a homeschooled artist creating Christian art and promoting creationism.

“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it
with all your might….” Ecclesiastes 9:10