About Me

Hi, my name is Elizabeth Corbiere, and I’m a cartoonist from Canada. I draw comics, cartoons, and illustrations using my favorite materials: inks, markers, pens, and my computer.

I love comics and animation, and I’m always ready to watch the latest animated movie or graphic novels (long comic books). I started drawing seriously in 2016, and decided to become a cartoonist after realizing that what I loved to do most was drawing cartoons and making up characters.

I am currently working on making a graphic novel of my own (that I intend to publish traditionally) as I do art courses to improve my work. I am doing a bachelor degree in Biblical studies for personal growth and inspiration, and working part-time in a flower and gift shop so I can continue making art.

In the past I have won a total of 10 awards in the annual Scholastic Art and Writing Awards (from years 2015-2018) in both art and writing, and I have participated in Culture on Kent, 2022, a local artist showcase.

When I’m not working, drawing, or studying, I’m spending time with my family and taking care of our many pets.

“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it
with all your might….” Ecclesiastes 9:10